Napercise – Sleeping at the gym

Napercise – Sleeping at the gym

I have made no secret of the fact that I get very little sleep.

I thought that my first born was bad, but I appear to have met her match, in that I know am the proud owner of not one, but two adorable yet lethally talented sleep ninjas. Two children who, given the choice, would stay awake and stare at my face, ALL NIGHT LONG.

I am exhausted. My skin is grey, my hair is dull and my motivation for exercise has gone right out the window. We quit the gym as a family in January (just as most people join!), because we weren’t going enough and the costs just weren’t feasible. Today however, I read about something that made me wish I hadn’t.

Napercise classes. Yes you read that right.

A 45 minute, blissfully uninterrupted sleep. No babies waking you for milk, no one stealing your sheets and nobody waking you from your fabulous Tom Hardy dream to “tell you a secret”.

For me, this sounds like perfection.

If today was April 1st, I would be passing this off as an April Fool. However it appears this is actually genuine.

David Lloyd in Sidcup is running its first 45 minute Napersize class this weekend, swapping spin bikes for comfy beds and allowing members to curl up and drift off in a room specifically tailored to encourage quality sleep – think atmospheric sounds, dimmed lighting, and a temperature dropped to a level that encourages calorie burning during sleep.

If successful, these classes would be rolled out across the country, and are anticipated to bring health benefits such as alertness, reduced stress & anxiety and enhanced moods,

But my questions are these…

How much would we actually pay for a good nights sleep? Is it worth a monthly membership fee?

Will snorers be kicked out? Trust me, I sleep next to one every night of my life, I don’t fancy attempting an afternoon nap in a room full of them.

Do you bring your PJs? A cup of Horlicks? Your favourite Teddy? Where do you draw the line?

Whilst I would LOVE the idea of 45 minutes kip to stop me from looking like an extra from the walking dead, I somehow can’t see this working in reality. That said, I would be VERY happy to be proven wrong, and would be MORE than happy to volunteer to review the classes if David Lloyd wanted to invite me along!!

Would you sleep at the gym?

What are your thoughts on this initiative?

*Photo credit – David Lloyd Clubs

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