REVIEW – Project B Subscription Boxes

REVIEW – Project B Subscription Boxes

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant, fast approaching the 3rd trimester, and I cannot believe our baby will be here before we know it! I have found this pregnancy a lot harder than my first, and have very little time to relax or have time to myself whilst running around after a threenager! I had heard about Project B at the Baby Show back in 2015, and decided that this pregnancy I should treat myself to a bit of something for me – a real rarity these days!

About Project B

Project B is a pregnancy subscription box service aimed at Mums to be from 12 weeks. Each month you’ll receive  a range of products from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household, to pampering, as well as expert advice to match your month of pregnancy. Project B work with some of the UK’s leading brands and industry experts to support Mums to be with helpful tips, information and products.

Each box nestles approximately five products, as well as expert advice on your pregnancy month, a recipe to make, an exercise to try out and details on what to think about buying.

Box 1 starts from 12 weeks of pregnancy. There are then a further six boxes which take you through to a 7th box once your baby has arrived. The months and weeks are broken down as:

  • Box 1 – Month 4 or 12-15 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 2 – Month 5 or 16-19 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 3 – Month 6 or 20-24 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 4 – Month 7 or 25-29 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 5 – Month 8 or 30-34 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 6 – Month 9 or 35-39 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 7 – Baby’s arrival (Project Complete)

The Project B subscription boxes cost £14.99 a month with an average contents value of £30.

Our Experience

I love surprises, so although there is the opportunity to look on the website at what products your box may contain, I decided not to do this, and found it much more exciting to have a big reveal when the box arrived. I couldn’t wait to find  out what was inside. At 27 weeks pregnant, I received Box 4 with a RELAX theme.

project b pregnancy subscription boxes

The box itself is slightly smaller than your average shoe box, and therefore is sent by courier. When you wrip open the outer box you are then met with a layer of blue tissue paper with a sticker, so you have to peel back to reveal. The suspense was killing me! 🙂

Firstly in the box I found a “What’s in Your Box Leaflet – providing more information on the products contained within. Mine did have something on it that wasn’t present in the box, however it appears that one of the listed items was substituted for something different as opposed to being missed. This can happen from time to time.

project b pregnancy subscription boxes

The contents of my box included:

  • Information booklet on Massage for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
  • 4 Information cards – including recipe for healthy chicken nuggets (YUM), information about the development of my baby at this point in your pregnancy, some suggestions for what to buy for the nursery and information about yoga and relaxation. I particularly enjoyed reading about the stage of my pregnancy, and the changes to both my own body and the development of our baby.
  • Munchkin Latch 40z / 120 ml Bottle with anti colic valve. This bottle is for Stage 1 feeding and refers to a natural latch, making it easier to combine bottle and breast feeding. This is something I am keen to do with my second – having got a little trapped breast feeding first time around, so I will look forward to testing this out. The RRP of this bottle according to my research is around £7.
  • Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm for Lips – an interesting product! Containing lanolin, which is traditionally used by nursing mothers to soothe painful nips – this thick lip balm is perfect for hydrating dry and chapped lips. I’ve used this a lot since receiving the box, and its great, despite being quite thick and gloopy to apply! I have found this perfect for an air conditioned office and my colleagues have been nicking it too! The RRP for this product, depending on tube size appears to be around £10-12.
  • Sass Intimate Purifying cleanser – This was a “swap” from what was advertised in the leaflet, A Gynaecologist approved cleanser for daily use when washing to help maintain freshness. Without sounding gross, the changes you experience in pregnancy can make you sometimes feel “not your freshest”, so this was another welcome product. The RRP appears to be around £7.
  • Nakd Toffee Treat Fruit and Nut Nibbles bag – this little treat was great for snacking on the go – awheat, dairy and gluten free snack – these were perfect for popping in my handbag to take to work. I always seem to get really peckish mid morning, and this was a much better alternative than heading straight for the vending machine! Needless to say, this part of the box didn’t last very long!
  • Choc O Lait– this was a really cute chocolate milk drink, which basically looked like a big cube of chocolate on a lollipop – add to warm milk and BAM a yummy hot chocolate drink. This  is perfect as a little treat before bed or after a busy day at work, and was nice to have something that was just for me 🙂

project  b pregnancy subscription boxes

Overall I was really pleased with the products I received, including some that I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to purchase myself but that were very welcome as a bit of a treat! 🙂 I would have loved to receive the hypnobirthing book that was mentioned as one of the original contents, as this is something that would have been of a real interest to me, however I was happy with the Sass cleanser that I received in it’s place.

The value of the products contained within the box was more than the cost of the box itself, so good value for money if you like the contents you receive.

I particularly like the fact that the boxes are themed, so that each month of your pregnancy has a different focus. The information cards are a lovely touch, and great to share with your partner, particularly if they are a little unsure as to what is happening at each stage of your pregnancy. I personally love the surprise element, but you can always check the advised contents of the boxes online if you prefer to make sure you’re keen on the contents before signing up.

Project B is a lovely gift for an expectant mum, and would make a great alternative for a Baby Shower present as is less likely to have already been received! 🙂

You can learn more about Project B pregnancy boxes on their website here –

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