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REVIEW – Blitz those Nits (and other nasties)

REVIEW – Blitz those Nits (and other nasties)

The bugs have returned. I repeat. The bugs have returned.

It was always going to happen. This weekend came the first onslaught of ‘bugs’ since Neve’s first few weeks at nursery. As a Mum with a sick phobia, looking after a small yet wriggly vomiting child was never going to be fun.

With Erin starting school this week, I have become somewhat of a Dettol machine, spraying every potentially contaminated surface as if my life depends on it whilst madly trying to avoid passing germs from one child to the other. That said, I am doing my best to mentally prepare myself for the onslaught of other germs and nasties associated with children in childcare or full time education.

When Mumsnet asked if I wanted to review their new book How to Blitz Nits (and Other Nasties!), full of hints and tips from real parents who have been through it and lived to tell the tale, it felt like a no brainer. I am way out of my depth!

About the Book

In How to Blitz Nits (and Other Nasties) each enemy is presented Top Trump style – with scores given for Strength, Agility and Speed to name but a few.

The book is witty and humerous, but at the same time tells you the facts you need to know to get rid of the nasties as quickly as possible.

Each section includes personal anecdoates and tips from parents who have been through it and come out to tell the tale – some are more extreme than others and some are most definitely to be taken with a pinch of salt. Others have been really useful tips (such as doubling up on bedsheets when the vomiting bug comes to visit, or ice cream tubs rather than a bucket so they can be thrown away once contaminated!

The book is not just about nits, but includes lots of information on the joyful nasties such as threadworms, verucas, conjunctivitis, vomit and poo. It covers them all. (not literally thank god).

Our Experience

As a drama queen and emetaphobic, I didn’t expect to laugh so much at a book which is essentially about illness, but some of the stories from other Mums and Dads are so horrific that you can’t help but laugh – you couldn’t make it up!

From a more serious point of view, prior to reading I wouldn’t even know what a Nit looked like let alone how to deal with it, so I feel a little more prepared for if (or more likely when!) they decide to make an unwelcome appearance.

Overall How to Blitz Nits (and Other Nasties) is a light hearted yet really useful book, perfect for anyone who’s kids are starting school this week!

You can learn more about the How to Blitz Nits (and other nasties) Book on the Amazon where it retails at just £8.99 (or £6.02 for the Kindle edition).

*Disclosure – we were sent a copy  of this book free of charge in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*.

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