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REVIEW – Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Princess Edition

REVIEW – Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Princess EditionScore 87%Score 87%

Now that the spring and summer seasons are on their way, we love nothing more than being outside and getting some fresh air. Erin LOVES to play and having nearly finished our garden renovation project that spanned most of the last 12 months, we finally have a space for her to play outside and bring her imagination to life. Having seen Erin play with the Cozy Coupe at her local playgroup, I was excited to be given the opportunity for her to take one for a test drive! 🙂

The Product

The classic Cozy Coupe car features colours and styling specially designed to please every little princess. Complete with a working horn, a contained storage area perfect for toy travellers and an updated pretty look, your child will be ruling the road in style.

Key Features include:

  • Removable floor and handle on back for parent-controlled push rides
  • Specially designed colours and features to please every little princess! 🙂
  • Designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear
  • Special features like an “ignition switch”, real working horn and an open-and-close gas cap
  • Cozy rolls on rugged, durable tyres
  • Front wheels spin 360º allowing for multi-directional movement
  • Trailer and accessories sold separately.
  • Adult assembly required.

The Cozy Coupe is advertised as suitable from 18 months to 5 years. RRP £54.99.

Little Tikes’ latest Cozy Coupe innovation has scooped a total of four industry awards in the past year, including Best Outdoor Toy at Toy Fair’s Best New Toy Awards. With over 10 variations to choose from, the Cozy Coupe is now the biggest selling toy car in the UK. It remains as iconic in the garden as ever with 1-in- 4 kids now driving a Cozy Coupe. Now in their 37th year of production, there is literally a Cozy Coupe to suit every child’s personality!

There’s currently (as of 3rd July 2016) a massive 41% off the Princess Cosy Coupe here

Our Experience

Erin was super excited when the delivery arrived, as a photo of the product was visible on the box’s exterior. She was very keen, and wanted Mummy to build it right away! This was perhaps our biggest stumbling block, as Mummy is not much a dab hand when it comes to “flat pack” furniture! The Cozy Coupe did require adult assembly, including a screwdriver and hammer. As this would have required a visit to the “man cave” shed, I decided to wait until Daddy got home, and had to find something to entice Erin from sitting amongst the larger parts of the product until he arrived! 🙂

cozy coupe

There are quite a few parts to assembly, and therefore the process took around 30-40 minutes in total – although he did stop for a dough ball or two whilst working! 🙂 If you are buying this as a present for birthdays or Christmas, I would therefore suggest you don’t leave this to the night before, particularly if you want to a relaxing evening before the carnage begins! 🙂

cozy coupeAs soon as Erin woke up from a nap and realised that Daddy (her now hero) had assembled her new car, she couldn’t wait to get in. As Erin is nearly 3, we had assembled without the floor plate, as this was not required. Younger children could use this so that they are fully contained within the car when the parent pushes them along.

Erin didn’t need any guidance, and was quickly scooting herself all around the patio, turning the key in the ignition and beeping her horn. We love the finishing touches including the sticker Princess number plate, internal dashboards and the opening and closing fuel cap.

cozy coupeWhat I love most of all about the Cozy Coupe is how it brings Erin’s imagination to life. Having watched her play on numerous occasions now, I have observed her drive to the shops, park in the “mum and baby spaces” (I must mention those a lot!) and say “we’re here!!!!”. She then gets out, goes for a quick walk and then returns to her car to go home.

She enjoys popping things into the back of the car in the storage section, whether it be her “big girl drink” or most recently some pegs of the washing line and then driving them to her destination. She even drove up to me the other day and stated she was Policeman Erin who had come to take away a monster that had got into our house. I have no idea where she gets the inspiration but I love watching  her little mind work! 🙂

cozy coupeOccasionally we do get a “push me” plea, usually if she wants to go a little bit faster, and sometimes she tries to climb out without opening the door, to which I have to say no, but overall its been hours of fun playing in the garden, and I think she feels like quite the grown  up to have her very own car.

Her biggest concern was the car being left out in the rain, so she asked Daddy to put “her” in the shed until morning. She double checked this information two or three times (god forbid her interior gets wet!!) ;). I should add here, it is perfectly fine to get left outside, although I guess under cover  is best to protect from sun damage or prevent stickers from peeling off.


  • Spans a number of age groups, using the base plate and pushing with younger children, through to the self guided and feet control approach with older toddlers.
  • A number of “personalities” available to suit different genders and themes.
  • Attention to detail – little touches such as the petrol cap, key ignition and stickers.
  • Easy to navigate for the child and lightweight enough to be moved by the parent without pulling a muscle!
  • In addition, the Cozy Coupe is great for encouraging imagination and role play – kids will love being just like mum and dad in their very own car.


  • It can take a little while to put together – so don’t leave it until the last minute!
  • With only one side having a door, Erin sometimes tried to climb in and out of the other window, which is not recommended as could cause the car to tip. Some children I’m sure wouldn’t even try, but Erin being Erin, she always likes to be unorthodox! 🙂
  • Finally, at at RRP of £54.99 it is not a budget item, however, it is well made, sturdy yet lightweight and in my opinion is made to last, and therefore a long term investment. Occasionally the Cozy Coupes are also on offer more around the £40 mark, so worth snapping up when they are on promotion.

You can learn more about the full Little Tikes Cozy Coupe range on their website here –

Disclaimer – We were sent this Cozy Coupe free of charge for the purpose of this honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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