Siblings Project – April

Siblings Project – April

Another month has passed and time for another Siblings Project update! The idea behind the Siblings Project is to take photographs of your children together each month throughout the year, capturing their relationship and how they have interacted together. Not only are these fab to look back on in years to come but they are a great record of how the girls are growing up.

April has been a busy month but the girls have become closer than ever.

We had seen a little bit of jealousy from Erin in previous months, but thankfully this seems to have subsided. She now tells us regularly that she (quote) ‘loves having a baby sister’ and always gives her a cuddle and a kiss before bed and tells us that she misses Neve when she is at preschool. Her cuddles are more like a headlock at times, but there is definite affection and emotion behind them. It is pretty adorable to watch.

Now Neve is sitting up, they have begun to interact and play together, and Erin is always on hand with a supporting arm if Neve begins to wobble or fall. Erin is having to learn to share some of her toys with Neve, and so far so good. Erin is also being extra careful to put away small things so that Neve doesn’t pick them up. She understands why this is important, so our message appears to have gone in!

In Neve’s eyes, Erin can do no wrong! She follows her (with her eyes at least for now!) everywhere she goes and beams a huge smile whenever she sees her. I can tell by her body language that Neve is desperate to get involved when Erin dances, and often cackles and giggles when she watches her.

At times being a mum of two can be hard, but watching them together never fails to raise a smile. I hope they will always be this close!


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  1. Jenny

    It really is amazing watching two of your children grow, form a bond and love each other as much as it is loving and watching them as individuals too. I love watching my two together. As they grow it gets SO much easier I promise. #siblingsproject


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