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REVIEW – Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk

REVIEW – Shimmer & Shine Dress Up TrunkScore 88%Score 88%

If you haven’t heard of Shimmer and Shine yet, where have you been?

Erin has become slightly obsessed with these genie’s in training and their magical adventures on Nick Jr, and I have become ear wormed by the theme tune! Trust me, when you’ve heard it, it will stick in your head for hours. If you are reading this and know it, you will probably be cursing me for the rest of the afternoon.

These super fun genies Shimmer and Shine grant three wishes a day for their human Leah, but often make mistakes! Each episode is written to teach children that it is ok to make mistakes, but it’s how you learn from them what you do to put them right that counts!

When we heard about the new range of Shimmer & Shine dress up toys, I knew that these would be right up Erin’s street! We were sent the Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk to review.

The Product

The Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk retails at £12.99.

Children can dress up like genies Shimmer and Shine with the Shimmer & Shine Trunk that is filled with genie sparkle!

This beautiful storage trunk contains enchanting dress-up accessories, including a pair of play slippers, 2 bangles, 12 interchangeable jewels, 2 hair clips and a decorative genie bottle storage container. Spin the mystical arrow and use which ever jewel the spinner lands on to decorate your bangles.

Our Experience

I decided to film Erin opening her Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk, as I figured this would show her genuine reactions to the product, as opposed to just my version of events! 🙂 Check out her unboxing video below 🙂

Erin was very excited when she saw the trunk and couldn’t wait to get it open and reveal the products inside. If I am honest, that was the first challenge! Even I, at the age of 34, took a bit of time to figure out how to release the catch on the trunk, and even once I’d established how it worked, it took a bit of getting used to! It looks like a basic clip, but it is actually a sliding latch, which is not the easiest to open! This initial challenge meant Erin wasn’t able to open the trunk unassisted – which in one respect is a positive, but on the other hand meant she got a little frustrated trying to break in! 🙂

Once open, Erin was really chuffed with the items inside. Included in the set was a pair of purple slippers featuring a badge with the Shimmer and Shine genies on the front, two large gold bangles, lots of interchangeable gems, two genie bottle hair clips and a large genie bottle. The bottle featured a spinner which you could use to help decide which gems to pop onto your bangles next.

Erin got to work with the bangles straight away, and didn’t need any help. She enjoyed putting the different colour gems on and off the bangles, and then popping them on her wrists (or legs) – yes my child likes to be unorthodox! 🙂 I think Erin would have been content with just the bangles as she played with these alone for quite some time!

The item she played with least was probably the slippers, possibly because they were a little too big for her at this stage (she is nearly 4), and they did slip off quite easily.

The trunk itself is really useful, particularly as we have a nearly crawling baby in our home. Once Erin had finished playing with the accessories, she could pop it all back in the trunk for storing away. This was great for teaching Erin about the importance of tidying up and not leaving small pieces lying around. The message seems to be going in at last! 🙂

At £12.99 I think the Shimmer & Shine Trunk is good value for money, and would make a great gift to accompany a genie outfit to wear alongside it. Other items in the Just Play range include Shimmer & Shine Wig sets, and boxed dress up sets.

Overall, the Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk had a big thumbs up from Erin! The Just Play Shimmer & Shine Sets are available to purchase at Toys R Us . You can learn more about the product here.

Disclosure – We were sent a Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions mine, and Erin’s own*

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  1. Vicki @ tippytupps

    This looks fabulous! Darcie has just gotten into dressing up so we need to build up a dressing up box!

  2. Iris Tilley

    Great idea looks lovely

  3. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    Oh my daughter loves dressing up! She occasionally watches shimmer and shine too so definitely something to consider for Christmas or birthday 🙂

  4. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    Erin loves Simmer and Shine. She’s a bit young for this yet though

  5. Jasmin N

    This sounds adorable! I’m sure J’s niece would love this 😀

  6. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    This looks like a great addition to any little girl’s room, love the sparkliness, Anya hasn’t really discovered this brand yet but I’ve seen it around 🙂

  7. Deb

    Looks like lots of fun x

  8. mandy

    This looks amazing! Why are kids toys so much better these days…back then a tamagotchi was bloody amazing!!!

  9. Nicole

    Oh this is so cool!

  10. Colette Burgess

    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x


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