The Path to School Begins… Results Time!

The Path to School Begins… Results Time!

On Tuesday we find out the outcome of our daughter’s school application. I am, like many parents across the UK I am sure, feeling incredibly nervous to hear the verdict. Will we have got Erin into our first choice of local school? Will we be disappointed? Will my heart get stuck in my throat when I see the email confirmation arrive in my inbox, and fumble to open my the link quickly enough to find out her fate!?! I have already logged into the Parent Portal about 12 times just incase the results come out early with it being Easter weekend, but nothing as of yet!

How are you feeling about the impending decision?

We are incredibly lucky in that all of the schools in our local area are either Good or Outstanding on the Ofstead rating, and having visited a number of them late last year, I am happy with the priority order we specified and the choices we have made. We wrote a long list of questions to ask when viewing a school, and so I feel we have made an informed decision. Unfortunately for us however, we are not in catchment for the first two choices we put for our daughter, and as such, it is far from set in stone that we will be able to secure the choices we have made.

I know there will be a little part of me that will be disappointed if we don’t get or first choice. Not only is it the school that my partner went to himself (I think that makes him a little biased!) but it is within walking distance of our house, has an outstanding ofstead, and is close enough that Mikes parents can also help with some of the drop off and pick ups. It has a good before and after school club, and Erin seemed pleased as punch there when she came to the open day.

Our catchment school on the other hand will be a bit of a logistical nightmare on the days when I am back at work, and I cut it fine getting to the office at it is. I am NOT looking forward to the nightmare of getting two children ready in the morning and leaving the house before 7.30! *Shudder*

I am also feeling emotional about the prospect that my baby is even old enough to be thinking about school so soon. As one of the younger children in the year (June birthday), she is still such a petite and little thing, that it seems almost impossible that she is nearly four. That said, I know she will be just fine – she is excited about going already and cant wait to wear long socks and carry a “Pack Pack”

So for all us nervous Mummys and Daddys this weekend… GOOD LUCK FROM ME! I hope you all get the choices you wish for and that our little bundles of joy will have a great start to their school life!

Let us know how you get on! 🙂
Lucy x



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