#SiblingsProject March

#SiblingsProject March

Another month has passed, and another point at which I capture a photo of the girls together as part of the monthly #siblingsproject. The idea of the Siblings Project is to take a photo of your children together once a month, as well as an update of how they have grown/changed/developed.

This month has been somewhat testing! To date we haven’t had much jealousy, but over the past week or so it appears to have raised its ugly head a little bit, with Erin acting up and on occasion, being particularly naughty. On Saturday night she was the most poorly behaved that I have ever known her, rolling her eyes, talking back to us, disobeying every request and refusing to eat her dinner because it looked a little bit different without even tasting any. She ended up in bed at 6.45 with no book and no cuddle. After which the mum guilt set in and I had to resist the urge to go and wake her up for a cuddle.

And the reason I think it’s jealousy? We have been working on Neve’s nursery. The room has been used as a box room since we moved into the house 3 years ago, and as such it needs a LOT of work. Its a teeny space, but this week we have stripped the walls and had a plasterer come round to re skim the walls. There is already a new carpet in there, and I guess maybe Erin just feels like Neve is getting special treatment. We recently ordered Erin’s new bed but it will take a little while and I guess as she can’t actually see and touch it yet, in her mind it hasn’t happened!

I am trying my hardest to make sure Erin knows she is still the centre of our world but it is hard, particularly now Neve has commenced weaning and therefore requires a little more attention than she did in the early days. Today has been better as we spent some quality time at the park together, and then she helped Daddy in the garden in the late afternoon sun. We are making a concerted effort to have one on one time with her more, in the hope his will keep the jealousy at bay!

In the meantime however, whilst Erin may have been challenging with us, she doesn’t appear to like her sister any less. They are still best buddies and Neve absolutely adores her, smiling whenever she is near and enjoying the pokes and prods she gets on a regular basis! 🙂 This was an in the moment snap of the two of them lying on the nursery floor – checking out the new plaster and they both look suitably impressed! 🙂

I love watching them interact together and I hope that they continue to be close as they grow up! 🙂

Until next month! 🙂



  1. jenny

    They are so adorable together. I love the last one so precious. The early days when you have a baby and toddler its great seeing their sibling bond form and grow so quickly. It’s so lovely to watch. #siblingsproject

  2. Laura | Little Ladies Big World

    I do hope that this month sees an improvement and I sympathise with the mum guilt after the fact, actually i often do go in when she is asleep and give her a cuddle and a silent sorry!


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